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About Us.

The purpose of serving humanity through science accentuates the agenda that lies behind the birth of DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES 2008. It’s a laboratory accredited by the NABL, providing testing facilities for industrial products worldwide. In such procurement, it pays keen attention on rightful standards in health, safety, quality and environmental- the last one being the objective of it all.

The whole set of diverse and versatile range of products that DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES works upon deal with the fields of chemical, biological, mechanical, non-destructive in area for Air, Water and Soil Testing. It does so as per the international standards of ILAC, ISO, and NABL within its state-of-the-art facilities with a comprehensive digitalised data management system, lending out outstanding calibration services to numerous instruments with extremely precise measuring tendencies.

The experienced and competent staff equipped with potent testing services sincerely analyses the time-and-cost effective factors while eliminating substantial risks regarding the performance and safety of products which otherwise poses a huge threat to the very life of our society. Sigma relies on a systematic approach and expertise to overcome hurdles and glitches in market, supply chain management and regulatory measures thus fulfilling the sustainable and profitable needs of the market.

Hence, for DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES , we building a trustworthy networking with its clients and assuring their well-being lies at the core of its overall directory.

Our mission is to offer innovative and exceptional services through analytical process and methodologies that help organizations and industries of all sizes to achieve predictable, improved, cost-effective product quality level while maintaining integrity in testing procedures.