Lube oil


Lubricating Oil Testing

Lubricating oil testing and oil condition monitoring provides quality and condition assessment of lubricants and oils used in engines and other expensive machineries. Lubricant quality control testing includes lubricant analysis programs for large, high-value engines and drive-trains, diesel trains, offshore platforms etc. Shiva lubricant quality testing helps clients minimize costly down-time and repairs by alerting the customer to early, developing problems before they become big, expensive, and costly failures.

Lubricant tests include:-

Finger printing for consistency

Physico-chemical characteristics

Testing of Gear Lubricant as per IS 1118: 1982 / IS: 8406-1993 / IS: 9554-1980

Wear Metal Testing and trend analysis for the life of the component

Waste oil and Used oil as per Schedule V & VI of Central Pollution Control Board

Metal trend analysis for the life of the component

Additives packages (Fillers, antioxidant and Anti caking agent)Industrial


Provides a comprehensive state-of-the-art Oil Testing, Lubricant Analysis and Petroleum Testing Services.

We provide prompt, precise and dependable analytical services. By using the services at DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES to routinely check the physical and chemical characteristics and test the condition of your lubricating oils and Petroleums, you receive a valuable and comprehensive report on the condition of the lubricating oil and Petroleums and the operating health of their machinery. We develop individual testing programs to meet your needs and ensure sample collection, shipping, testing, and reporting is quick, efficient and cost-effective.

DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES Laboratories offers lubricants and fluids testing testing services which helps clients with valuable equipments and related machinery. Analysis of lubricants & fluids helps customers to minimize down-time. reduce downtime and identify problems caused from lubricant and fluid related issues. Lubricant and fluid testing supports clients oil condition monitoring, coolant condition monitoring, adblue quality monitoring, MWF Condition monitoring services.

DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES offer and end to end solution from collection of samples from any location to testing of these samples at it central lubricants and fluids testing laboratory. Turn Around time of samples is very important when it comes to lubricants and fluids testing services, considering the need of it customers. DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES offers the lowest TAT for analysis of lubricants & fluids.

Reduced maintenance costs.
– Servicing equipment when it needs to be serviced, rather than sticking to a rigid service schedule, significantly reduces life cycle costs.
Minimise the risk of serious accidents.
– Identifying potential faults early significantly reduces the risk of catastrophic failure and the possibility of operator injury.
Optimise equipment life.
– Fluid analysis protects vital components from unnecessary wear and tear, prolonging equipment life.
Scheduled repair and maintenance.
– Analysing fluids allows you to keep a close eye on the condition of vital components and schedule repairs and maintenance around your operations, reducing any unscheduled downtime and its associated costs.
Extend oil life.
– Changing oil based on its condition, instead of periodically, ensures that you get maximum value from every litre used and minimises the cost of disposal.
Reduce waste and environmental impact.
– Only changing fluids when they need replacing helps to reduce waste and the impact it may have on the environment.


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