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DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES is the firm for Quality analysis of crude oil, crude oil fractions and distillates
Petroleum testing involves quality analysis of petroleum products during upstream, midstream, and downstream production processes. Analyses include crude oil composition, crude oil fractions, analysis of fuel additives and oil contaminants.

Petroleum, which literally means 'Rock Oil' or 'Oil from the Earth', was formed from the remains of plants & animals that lived millions of years ago (Pre-Dinosaur age) in a marine environment. Subsequent decomposition of those remains (over millions of years) by application of heat & pressure (due to burial) by deposition of sand & silt over them led to the formation of 'Crude Oil' or Petroleum. It is one of the 3 Fossil fuels, viz., Coal, Natural Gas, Petroleum, that occur in our nature, & is composed of a complex mixture of different types of hydrocarbons along-with a number of elemental impurities, like Sulfur, Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc. Due to wide variations in the origin of Petroleum products, they vary considerably in terms of their Physico-Chemical properties & appearances, from one Oilfield to other.

Techniques that separate and arranges according to size, ferrous wear particles from a lubricant for analysis with a microscope. The Ferro gram provides information for the identification of wear particle types and a description of the wear mode that generates the particles.

Viscosity is one of the most important properties of a lubricant as it determines both the film thickness of the oil and how readily the lubricant will flow into the narrow area separating the moving metal parts.

The primary use of this method is for viscous materials (excluding fuels) having flashpoints of 79°C and above. This test determines the temperature at which the oil will form a flammable mixture with air. The flashpoint can be compared with specification standards to determine if the oil meets the specification. It is often used as an indicator of fuel dilution.

Fire point:
The fire point is a measure of the tendency for the oil to support combustion.

DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES provides an outstanding platform for carrying out tests of almost all the recognized elements of the periodic table. Whether the sample is a metal or a non metal or an alloy, we are fully equipped with all the instruments required for its quantitative as well as qualitative analysis. We practice traditional techniques like Wet Chemical Methods and also the instrumentation techniques for studying the prescribed parameters.

The separation of Crude Petroleum into its various individual fractions (called 'Petroleum Products'), like Petrol, Diesel, & Naphtha, take place in a 'Petroleum Refinery' by a process called "Refining", which consists of 3 steps: (1) Separation (2) Conversion & (3) Purification. There are 4 major types of Petroleum fractions, depending upon their Chemical Bonding patterns:

(1) Paraffins (2) Olefins (3) Naphthenes & (4) Aromati

Depending upon their usage, Petroleum Products can be broadly divided into 2 types, 'Fuel Oil' & 'Lubricants'. Characterization of these products in terms of a number of Physico-Chemical properties, like Viscosity, Octane number, Cetane number, Distillation range, is of utmost importance in determining the suitability of a particular Petroleum Product for the purpose of its intended use, transportation, storage, & other functions

DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES Analytical Labs Ltd. has been serving its elite group of customers (in the Petroleum & Allied Industries) for well over a decade, by providing reliable & meaningful test results. It can also conduct customized tests, depending upon a client's specific needs. DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES's credibility lies in its strict adherence to Quality Control Procedures (as per ISO 17025:2005), & its team of efficient & well-trained technicians/analysts who are well-equipped with the most sophisticated & versatile analytical instruments, to test a wide variety of Petroleum Products.

Some of the Petroleum Products Tested by DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES are as follows:

- Solid Fuels-Coal, Coke, Wood

Diesel-High Speed Diesel (HSD), Low Diesel Oil (LDO), Bio-diesel

Insulating Oils-Transformer Oil, Mineral Inhibiting Oil

Lubricating Oils-Lubricating Grease, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Spindle Oil, Turpentine Oil, Brake Fluid, Gasoline, Kerosene

Hydraulic Fluids-Hydraulic Oil, Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil, Fire Resistant Oil

Carbon-Rich Materials-Activated Carbon, Graphite

Metal Lube Oil-Cutting Oil, Quenching Oil, Turbine Oil

Furnace Oils

Test Parameters of Petroleum Products (Routine & Specialized Tests)

Total Base number (TBN)

Neutralization value

Sulphur content

Distillation Range

Aniline point

Dielectric Strength of Transformer Oils

Cetane number

Copper strip corrosion

Additives Content Depletion

Wear metals - Ca, Mg, Na, K, Mo, Cu, Cr, Zn, P, Ba, B, Al, Pb, Mn, Ni, Si, V, Sn, Ag, Fe etc,



Flash point

Fire point

Cloud point


Pour point

Congealing Point

Conardson carbon residue (CCR)

Water & sediments

Trace Metals Analysis

Total Acid number (TAN)

Some of the Standard Test Methods, Protocols, & Specifications Adopted/Followed by DEEPA ENTERPRISES TESTING LABORATORIES are as follows:

Indian Standards (IS) of BIS

American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)

International Organization for Standardization(ISO)

German Standards (DIN)

International Petroleum (IP) Standards

Other International Standards & Customer-specified Methods

Major Equipments used for Testing

Automatic Bomb Calorimeter



Gas Chromatograph (FID & ECD Detectors)

Gas Chromatograph (FID & ECD Detectors)

Proximate Analyzer

Ash Fusion Tester

Karl Fischer Titrator

Aniline Point Apparatus

Flash Point Apparatus (Abel)

Flash Point Apparatus (PMCC)

Flash Point Apparatus (COC)

K.Viscosity Bath

Pour Point /Cloud Point Apparatus

Red Wood Viscometer

Oil Breakdown Voltage (BDV) Tester

Dissolved Gas Extractor

Resistivity Meter

Tan Delta Meter

Oil Testing Centrifuge

TSS Filtration Apparatus

Carbon Residue Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus

Congealing Point Tester


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